Frequently asked Questions


Q: What is your Pricing?

A: The Pricing at our dealership is congruent with the pricing on the website.

Q: Are there any Dealer fees or transportation fees?

A: No. You pay the same price if pick up your unit from the manufacturer or if you pick it up here.


Q: Do you ship directly to the consumer?

A: No. You must either pick-up at our location or secure your own transportation from our location to you.


Q: How do I reserve a unit?

A: Call the dealer with a debit/credit card with the deposit (debit or credit card)

Q: Are there any fees to use a debit or credit card for the deposit?

A: No.


Q: What is the deposit amount?

A: The deposit is a NON-REFUNABLE $500 for all orders and inventory reservations for Cool Camps and Range Runners and a $1000 deposit for V-Series orders.

Balance Due Date/Final Payment:

Q: When is my balance due?

A: The balance is due within 14 days of delivery for special orders or

reserved inventory units.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for the balance?

A: We accept all forms i.e. credit card, debit card, cash, cashier’s check, or personal check. * a 3% fee will be added to ALL credit/debit card transactions for final payments (The balance).

Q: Who should I make checks for final payment out to?

A: How We Roll RV, LLC

Q: What is the mailing address for final payment?

A: 645 Free will Rd. NW

Cleveland, TN 37312

Pick up Requirements:

Q: How long do I have to pick up my camper?

A: There are no specific requirements for pick time BUT all units held over 30 days will be assessed a $100 a month storage fee starting on the 14th day after delivery.


Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Not directly. BUT We do have a finance partner we work with. You can apply here:

Sales Tax:

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: Only Tennessee residence pay sales tax. You will be required to pay sales tax when you register your unit in accordance to your state laws at the time of registration.


Q: Do I need a temporary tag?

A: No. You have 30 days from the time pick up (Transfer of ownership from dealer to consumer) to get your unit legal in your state.

Q: What paperwork will I receive when I pick up my unit?

A: Your will receive a Certificate Of Origin and a Bill Of Sale. This will be all you need to legally transport your camper back to your residence.


Q: What hitch and electrical set up do I need to pick up my unit?

A: If you have a standard Cool Camp or Range Runner, you will need a 2” ball that is approximately 12”-14” off the ground and “Flat Four” connector., and a standard hitch lock. If you are picking up a V-Series OR a Cool Camp/Range Runner with electric brakes you will need a “Seven Pin” connector. The V-Series does not require the ball BUT does require the hitch and does come standard with the “Max Coupler”. See example here (

Used Campers

Q: Do you carry used campers?

A: No. We only deal in new campers.