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Frequently Asked Questions about our Rentals

  • What do I do if I have a tire blow out?
    We provide spare tires as well as tools in each of our rental units to ensure that you are able to stay on the road and remain safe. If you do not feel comfortable with changing a tire yourself we suggest that you reserve the roadside assistance option at the time of booking your reservation.
  • How Much Does a Camper Rental Cost?
    It varies by the time of year you are looking to rent. We operate much like a hotel when it comes to pricing and we have different prices for different times of the year. The best way to get a price is to put your dates into the calendar on the "Our Fleet" page.
  • Do you provide Linens or utensils?
    We do not provide Linens as it is against our covid 19 policy. We do however provide all the connections for the campground needed. Any tow connections, All you have to bring is a 2" Receiver installed on your tow vehicle or a 7 way or 4 way light connector installed on your vehicle depending on the unit you are renting. We also provide basic cooking utensils, Spatula, Soup ladle, lighter, scissors, first aid kit. All items can be found under your reservation. You will need to bring linens, plastic silverware and plates and cups.
  • What is your address?
    645 Freewill RD NW Cleveland, TN 37312 We are open by Appointment only call us at 423-292-2658
  • What is a Prep Fee?
    A Prep fee is the charge for the sanitation and inspection we do on our units prior to your reservation.
  • What Happens if their is an issue with my rental?
    If you experience any issues or have any questions while on your reservation you can always reach out to us via Text, Call, or email. If you have an issue with your rental unit that causes you not to be able to use it we will refund you the amount for the nights not used. We strive to do the best we can to serve our clients. Do know that sometimes things happen with equipment and if so we will try to accommodate the best we can.
  • May I smoke in your campers?
    NO! Smoking is not allowed and there will be an additional cleaning fee of 500.00 if any evidence of smoking is found in our units.
  • Can I use my own insurance for a rental?
    Yes. You may use your own insurance policy for your rental if you provide us with an auto insurance binder that shows your insurance company will provide insurance for your rental. Please reach out to us after you have gathered that information so we can upload your documents to your reservation.
  • What are your Hours of Operation?
    We are open by appointment only. If you would like to schedule a time to come by to look at one of the campers you can reach out to us through getting a quote for a camper or you can give us a call or text at 423-292-2658. We are available to take calls monday - sunday from 9:00am - 6:00pm EST.
  • Can I contact you after Hours?
    If you have one of our rental units on a reservation you are welcome to contact us after business hours through our booking website only. As our phones remain off starting at 6:00pm EST. You can also text us after hours. We will reach out to you to resolve any issues once we receive your email or text.
  • Do I have the option to not have insurance?
    NO! There is no option not to have insurance on your reservation. You must have insurance provided through the website or provide an insurance binder. NO EXCEPTIONS! There are several different insurance options on the website when booking your rental at different price points with different benefits. All of those are listed under your reservation in your email.
  • Do you offer drivable RV's
    As of January 1st 2023 we no longer offer drivable RV's. Insurance for our clients is much cheaper through a travel trailer over a drivable RV. We are also able to offer more rental units due to the maintenance savings on not having drivables. A travel trailer is a great option! And fuel is much times cheaper! Our units can accommodate most SUVs or Trucks. Call or text us for details!
  • What is your Delivery Fee Charge?
    We will deliver your rental unit to you up to a 100 mile radius from our main office location. We offer delivery to local state parks for set prices. Anything not delivered to local campgrounds listed on our website is $1.25 per mile within 100 miles of our office location.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Being a family owned and operated business we strive to keep our prices low. That is why we already have our prices significantly lower than our competitions. That way we ensure everyone receives a discount.
  • Can I park my Car at your location while on my rental?
    Yes! We would be happy to keep watch of your vehicle while you are on your reservation. Our lot is gated and locked, We also have cameras and a night guard.
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